Silver System

Revamp your concrete surface with a Silver System coating application that enhances beauty and durability. Our Silver System is compatible with any type of space, be it commercial or residential. Additionally, this type of flooring is built to withstand the common sources of wear and tear for high-traffic areas. Whether your concrete is in a garage, a mudroom or outside your home or business, the Silver System will exceed your expectations.

Our Silver System floors are built with a two-step process:

Step 1: Prime Coat

We begin our process by applying a prime coat of our 3-component polyhybrid formula. This layer sinks into the floor below, penetrating the surface at the molecular level and filling pores in the concrete. Unlike polyurea or polyaspartic coatings which dry too quickly to settle correctly in the concrete, our prime coat will prevent future issues with hot tire, lifting, peeling and cracking.

Step 2: Top Coat

Once the prime coat has been applied to your floor, it’s time to add another layer of our polyhybrid formula. This coating provides additional protection against things like chemicals, UV rays and moisture. Our polyhybrid coatings come in many colors and styles, so you can choose a floor that matches the ambiance of your space. Don’t know which look to choose? Our flooring experts are happy to provide helpful advice for your flooring project.

Built for Longevity

A floor with stunning looks isn’t very appealing if it lacks durability. At GFC, our floors are designed to maintain their appearance well into the future, so you won’t need to reinvest in a new flooring system year after year. We back our Silver System floors with a 5-year warranty, adding predictability to your project. Silver System floors are flexible enough to expand and contract alongside changing temperatures — a useful feature for the harsh Upper Midwestern climate. No matter what the forecast brings, your floor is designed to withstand the conditions.

Colors & Stains

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Silver Grey

Executive Grey

Pacific Grey

Pebble Beach

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