Clear Coat

This Minneapolis water-based floor finish outperforms any sealer on the market today. Unlike typical sealers that last approximately one year before requiring a re-application, GFC’s Clear Hydro-Poly is a permanent solution and proprietary to Garage Floor Coating. People tend to seal and reseal surfaces year after year, but not after using Garage Floor Coating’s Clear Coat, a 2- component, UV stable, chemical resistant industrial coating that acts like a sealer with just a one-time application. This sealer can be used on a myriad of surfaces such as, exposed aggregate, concrete, flagstone, pavers (or paver stones), wood (all types), decorative or stamped concrete, painted surfaces, asphalt and even previously coated surfaces.

Chemical Resistant NO YES
Impermeable/Densifier NO YES
UV Stable NO YES
Tintable NO YES
Requires Regular Reapplication YES NO
Seal Decorative Stamped Concrete NO YES
Seal Flagstone NO YES
Moisture Mitigation System NO YES
2 Component Coating NO YES
Low VOC/No Odor NO YES
Eliminates Efflorescence NO YES
Warranty 6 Mos. – 1 Year 2 YEAR

Gym Floors/Hardwood Floors

Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota uses a premium water-based aliphatic urethane coating, an ideal formula for gym floor applications. Not only will your floors feature exceptional gloss and depth of image, it is even an eco-friendly, water-based urethane alternative, which rivals traditional solvent based systems and is EPA VOC compliant.

VCT Tile and Rubber Floors

Protect and preserve your VCT Tile flooring or rubber flooring with our high-gloss or matte clear coat system. To date, MightyOne HD Gloss, Satin, and Matte is our most advanced ultra durable floor finish on the market. MightyOne HD incorporates unique ceramic technology for superior wear and scratch resistance. MightyOne HD will drastically outlast and obsolete most acrylic wax type floor finish product applications. One application of MightyOne HD will rival six coats of standard acrylic wax type finishes.


Ceramic tile is a beautiful addition to any floor. It can also be a large investment. Our clear coat systems will help protect your investment and give it the beauty and shine it deserves. Our finish will outlast, outperform, and outshine all other finishes. Not only will our clear coat system preserve the sheen of your ceramic floor, but it will also protect the grout lines from dirt and make cleaning your tile easy. Contact GFC today, the premier Minneapolis clear coat finish provider.