Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota is the industry-leading provider of commercial concrete flooring in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota. It doesn’t stop there. Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge techniques that guarantee the highest quality flooring — including commercial-grade epoxy or urethane flooring, for our Minneapolis customers. GFC offers durable, long-lasting coating systems, permanent sealers and more. Learn more about our available commercial concrete flooring technology. If you’re ready to install our concrete or epoxy flooring in your garage, showroom, warehouse or business, contact our team and speak to an expert. 


Zero-Maintenance Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy flooring options are easy to clean, durable, and resistant to stains and damages. Whether you need interior or exterior epoxy flooring options, rest assured you’ll have a long-lasting and stunning finished product.

Cost Effective

Our commercial concrete flooring installation in Minneapolis is cost effective and a smart investment. The quality of our products not only saves you money at the time of installation but in the long run as well!

Healthy Alternative

Commercial spaces can be exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals, mold, radon, and other undetected emissions. Our flooring options offer protection against any potentially harmful bacteria or mold, keeping your employees and products safe.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

GFC provides customizable commercial concrete flooring options that will fit the exact personality of your business. Alongside the customization is our commercial concrete polishing service as well. Our floors are not only durable and low maintenance — they provide a decorative solution that is polished and made to last as well!


Commercial establishments get a lot of foot traffic and can be exposed to potential damage from weather. Our coatings are stain and damage resistant, capable of withstanding even the harshest of elements.

Warm and Inviting

As the premier provider of commercial concrete flooring in Minneapolis, we guarantee your space will be warm and inviting to your clientele. Our flooring options are customized to your needs, desires, and provide a long-lasting solution.