Concrete Repair Services in Minneapolis

Tired of looking at old, cracked concrete? Whether you are looking to refresh your patio, sidewalks, or driveway, GFC’s concrete repair in Minneapolis has you covered. Not only do we offer repair, replacement, and design options for your old concrete, but we also strengthen your concrete to withstand the elements. At GFC, we use the latest LAVINA® technology and equipment to prepare your concrete for any exposure at all levels. We also provide services to make your new concrete flooring uniquely yours. With stamping, staining, and concrete polishing in Minneapolis, as well as other types of finishes, GFC’s contractors will create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Check out our list of services and see how a new concrete surface can transform your outdoor space.

Pool Decks


Turn a drab slab of concrete into a beautiful accent to your home or patio. Not only do we preserve and protect your concrete with our permanent clear sealer, but by adding a semi-transparent stain, we also make your concrete surface unique and interesting. With a wide selection of color options and a chemically resistant formula, your concrete will look good as new for years to come.


Bring durability and shine to your concrete surface with our professional concrete polishing services in the Minneapolis area. Choosing to polish your concrete is an excellent option for existing concrete surfaces where your main objective is to beautify while remaining true to the original appearance. Our concrete floor polishing in Minneapolis creates a floor that is easy to clean, traffic resistant, and long lasting.


Want the look of pavers or stone without the cost? Our professional installers can transform a normal slab of concrete to match the appearance of pavers or stone without the added cost associated with those types of applications. Pair this service with a staining option and you’ll have a surface that is unique to your home.


Thinking about calling our concrete replacement Minneapolis experts? If so, you may want to consider this interesting alternative: micro-toppings. Applied over existing concrete and approximately the thickness of a credit card, micro-toppings can be customized with color to improve and beautify a tired, damaged concrete surface, saving the time and money involved with replacing concrete. Finishes can be brushed, troweled, or textured as needed.

Exposed Aggregate

Our trained technicians transform concrete into a beautiful statement with the application of exposed aggregate to the surface. Create a long-lasting and durable surface that enhances your exterior living space.


Not only are we expert concrete sealers, but we are experienced concrete installers as well. Our knowledgeable team of professionals will help you plan, design, install, and finish your new concrete floor. Whether you are building a new patio, upgrading your pool, or constructing a driveway, Garage Floor Coating of MN has got your entire project covered.


Have a concrete slab that is too far gone for our concrete repair? Minneapolis homeowners can rely on our concrete experts to replace old concrete with a new surface and finish. We will deconstruct, remove, and replace your existing concrete slab with a beautiful finished product that will last for decades. You can also customize your new concrete to suit your style and integrate it seamlessly with your home’s décor.