Minneapolis Concrete Staining

Add style while protecting your concrete surfaces with the widest selection of concrete staining services Minneapolis has to offer. Not only do we replace your damaged concrete, but we make it uniquely yours with touches of color to match your décor. Make your sidewalk, deck, or patio truly one-of-a-kind with full-service concrete work from GFC!

Our concrete staining services are perfect for any surface, indoor or outdoor. Stains create a look that transcends the flat, opaque appearance that paint provides. Mirror the look of liquid, wood, leather, or marble, all while ensuring that your surface will last.

Because stains are semi-transparent, they will not hide cracks or flaws in your concrete, which is something to keep in mind when choosing this flooring option. With that said, the range of finishes that can be achieved with different types of stains and techniques is astounding. See what our concrete staining services in the Minneapolis area could add to your home — contact GFC today.