Comfort Flex for Horse Trailers

297801_10150750705775467_1234523_nWhere horse care is concerned, Comfort Flex is the most practical and cost-effective material on the market. Our innovative, patented cushioning and flooring material pays for itself in six months, saving you the thousands of dollars typically spent on horse care throughout its lifetime. The addition of Comfort Flex to a horse trailer makes it effortless to clean, and adds value to the resale value of the trailer.

Our Comfort Flex material is made from recycled tires, is environmentally friendly, and provides better and more sustainable cushioning than other rubber flooring systems. Comfort Flex is non-toxic and easily installed. A lifetime warranty ensures your satisfaction with the Comfort Flex material, and guarantees that your horse – and trailer – will remain safe and protected for years to come.

Comfort Flex yields the following benefits:

  • Seamless, sealed, waterproof mats eliminate the need for any trailer mat replacement or deep cleaning
  • Three-quarter inch cushion eliminates the need for costly bedding maintenance
  • Non-slip material keeps your horse safe and comfortable while on the road
  • No curling of mat edges makes it easier for your horse to move in and out of the trailer
  • Mutes sound and creates a thermal barrier for your horse from the elements
  • Never needs replacing and protects your trailer from erosion and decay
  • Aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of mixable colors: black, green, red, grey, and tan

Other Applications:

  • Horse Stalls: same practical benefits of the horse trailer application
  • Dairy Cow Stalls: keeps cows comfortable – and keeps their stalls more easily cleaned – allowing them to be cared for in a sanitary environment
  • Pool Decks: layer of rubber “crumbs” can be left un-sealed, allowing water to seep through, keeping the pool deck dry and safe
  • Playgrounds/Play Sets: cushioning is non-toxic, prevents injury from falls, and is a less intrusive material than dirt or sand