Comfort Flex

Comfort Flex is made from a proprietary blend, the base of which is made entirely from recycled tires. The processed rubber is pre-coated with a patented blend of chemicals, and the rubber can be colored per the user’s choice. The size of the rubber “crumbs” varies depending on the use of the Comfort Flex product, and the specific chemical mixture can be varied to provide different degrees of softness and resiliency. The elongation and tensile strength of Comfort Flex is remarkably high, making it virtually indestructible and especially suitable for high stress or high impact applications. Installing a Comfort Flex coating system in the Minneapolis area provides a durable solution that stands the test of time.

Comfort Flex is a variation of the same product used on rubberized playgrounds that are designed to protect kids from the impact of falling off of the playground apparatus. With a Comfort Flex coating system installation, your floor absorbs between 50% and 60% of the impact of your horses’ hooves on the floor. Another variation of Comfort Flex is so strong that it is used in roadway repair. While there are other rubber flooring systems are available, none offer the attributes of the Comfort Flex patented process and ingredients as evidenced by our ten-year warranty against wear.

Why Is It Better?

Comfort Flex flooring can be poured in place over any surface. Comfort Flex is installed over an impermeable rubber membrane base, which protects the trailer floor from corrosion and decay. Whether your trailer floor is wood, metal or hard rubber, you and your horse will enjoy all the benefits of our Comfort Flex coating services Minneapolis.

  • Cushions Your Horse
  • Does Not Compress
  • Is Never Removed
  • Remains Non-Slip Without Bedding
  • Natural Noise Suppressant
  • Creates Thermal Barrier
  • Saves You Money
  • Never Needs Replacement (No Recurring Costs)
  • Eliminates Need For Bedding
  • Mats Never Need To Be Removed
  • Increases Resale Value of Your Trailer