Thermoguard Coating Services in Minneapolis

HENDRIX ThermoGUARDĀ® uses hollow reflectospheres in a powder that can be mixed into virtually any coating to create a radiant heat-blocking barrier which reduces heating and cooling costs by reflecting heat away from any coated surface. The technology was developed as a spray-on insulation to protect NASA’s space shuttle components and has been adapted by our manufacturer to produce an economical, safe additive that everyone can use to reduce energy usage and utility costs.

Space Certified by The Space Foundation

The Space Foundation has recognized the manufacturer of HENDRIX ThermoGUARD as a partner in the Space Certification Program. Our ThermoGUARD coating system in Minneapolis is an excellent example of how technologies originally developed for space exploration can provide practical benefits right here on Earth. The manufacturer of HENDRIX ThermoGUARD has been commended for helping make homes and places of business around the world more energy efficient. Our ThermoGUARD coating services in Minneapolis utilize this proven product to provide a sensible flooring solution for home and business owners.